Considering of installing or changing your fencing? Here are the advantages of having a wire fencing for your house:


1. Easily Installed

A wire fencing is built with substantially less efforts than when using other materials like bricks for example. It should also take less time, as you simply need to buy your fencing and attach it to a frame or posts. No need for huge construction plans!


2. Affordability

One of the main advantages of having a wire fencing is that it can be considerably less costly than building a concrete wall, or even using other materials like glass or PVC. You may hence secure your house from intrusion without ruining yourself!



3. Visibility

fencing around a house

Wire fences have another edge over most materials: visibility.  You still be able to have an excellent view of what happens outside your property, while being still having a solid and distinctive border. If you have pets or children playing in the yard, you would want to have an eye on the outside as well so as to be sure of the activities going on around.


4. Durability

Another plus point for wire mesh fences is that it will last you long. Our hot dipped galvanised wire fences will stand up will stand up the test of time. With Mauritius’ humid weather, this can prove useful.


5. Customization

While still having a good visibility of the outside world, your fencing can still be customised! Different colours can be applied to the the wire mesh, giving you a discrete yet elegant way of personalising your property.