Renovating a house is a big deal. It can involve reparations, improvements, restorations, change of style… It is time consuming, can require a lot of funds and involves a lot of big decisions. This short article can help you in one of the first steps of renovation: choosing your materials.

1. Pre-painted profile metal sheets

Profile metal sheets are an excellent choice if you’re considering the renovation of your roof. Plenty of advantages can be listed for using metal roofs: their durability – they can last for more than 50 years; they are low maintenance – little to no maintenance is required for metal roofs; they are excellent heat conductors, which means you can enjoy a fresh night even during the summer!

Of course, the use of profile metal sheets does not end at roofing. They can be used to make gates, fencing and much more!

2. WPC (Wood Plastic Composite)

WPC is a (relatively) new material on the market. It is a made of an inventive blend of wood fibre and plastic and has a large range of uses, from floor decking to wall cladding and include fencing. Adding WPC in a renovation can give a modern touch to your house.

3. Corrugated metal sheets

Due to its common use 60 years ago, corrugated metal sheets are often associated to vintage looks and styles. Their are 2 types of corrugated metal sheets: aluminium/zinc or galvanised. They can be used almost anywhere in your house, for wall cladding, false ceiling, or even outside as flower boxes. Check out this article for more ideas!

4. Polycarbonate sheets

These sheets are very strong and durable, but one of their most important features is that they are (or can be) transparent. This means they allow lights to pass (while protecting from ultraviolet rays) and are a very special option when considering roofing. Note that polycarbonate sheets can have other uses than roofing: they can be used as divider walls in your house for example.

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