Aluminium Flooring Plates

Aluminium flooring sheet, also called chequered plate, is a plate with a regular pattern of willow leaf shaped projections with the reverse side being smooth.

The sheet is skid-proof because of the projections and also enjoys a good wear ability. It is a durable lightweight product that offers slip resistance in addition to being a self-draining surface.

Sizes available:

8 Feet x 4 Feet x 1.5 MM
8 Feet x 4 Feet x 2.5 MM
8 Feet x 4 Feet x 3 MM




The benefits of this versatile material are numerous:

Slip resistant – Raised pattern provides traction on steps, ramps, ladders, floors, tailgates, running boards, catwalks, loading docks, etc., even when wet, covered with chemicals, or mud.

Corrosion resistant – Aluminium flooring sheets provide years of service even under the toughest conditions, including marine locations.

Hygienic – Aluminium flooring sheet is easy to wash down and is able to resist damage from strong, corrosive cleaning agents. This makes it ideal for areas where frequent sanitising is required, like food processing plants, kitchens, restaurants, ambulances, livestock transport, and more.

Protective – Aluminium flooring plate prevents damage to walls, doors, corners, dollies, skids, etc. It also protects bumpers, treads, truck beds, tailgates, and bodies of commercial, off road, and other vehicles.

Attractive – Various raised patterns, materials and finishes are available for use in architecture, furniture making, etc. Firetrucks and shop walls are two places aluminium flooring sheet is commonly seen.

Additional information

Typical applications:

– Floor Covering for hygiene and slip resistance.
– Wall and column protection to prevent impact damage where hand trucks, trolleys, sack carts are operated.
– Door protection as kick plates or as a full door cladding.
– Commercial vehicles and vans.
– Access ramp covering for wheelchairs.
– Livestock trailer tailgate ramps and flooring.
– Truck Bed Tool Boxes.
– Stair treads, step ladders, walkways.